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knock, knock, knock

please let me in

i'm pounding 

on my coffin lid


see, i've been spending

too much time again

with these ghosts 

i like to call my friends


and i've been weeping 

under the willow tree

watching flames crawl

on its leaves

i'll watch the seasons melt

and blow away with me


so, i'll float on 

and take my comrades too,

and if you want us,

you can follow the moon

we'll be waiting in the twilight,

basking in the twilight soon.



see, i'm fond of spirits

'cause mine's all broken

life's pleasures just left

pain to soak in


and new signs of life 

is what i'm seeking

but these shattered windows

obstruct my peeping


and it seems like mankind's defecation's

led to our degeneration

the bowels of earth

are overflowin'

can't seem to get

a movement goin'


so i'll walk alone

shit, i like it that way,

though sometimes i stagger,

and sometimes i stray,

but you tell that twilight 

i'm on my way

i'll be basking in the twilight




the wind cried, it crept

in my window crack

harbouring haunting,

nightmares of past,

and it smelled like the sea,

so it brought me back

to those lonesome old days

my poor heart attacked


and with daggers and roses,

a pocket of clovers

i went by the way of my

slow suicide

my heart keeps on quittin'

but it won't let me die

i found out the devil

just isn't that kind


so with this old, familiar

empty feel in my guts

i've made it through 

the bruises and cuts

my sleeve's still full of aces,

but i'm all outta luck

and i thank god in heaven

for blessin' a drunk


you know we're all just hangin'

like that old willow's branches

and soon the cold wind's 

gonna blow us away

tomorrow holds pestilence

and yesterday's flowers dead,

so enjoy the twilight today

bask in the twilight today

the twilight is coming your way.





our sorrows hang here

like decrepid pinatas

see, our candy's all rotten

so we take what we gotta

when you hang here

you know you've hit bottom

so welcome my dear

to desperation alley


i strolled out on the avenues

this evening found me badly

i peered right past the mannequins

down desperation alley

the ground smelled like my childhood

the clouds moved like my dreams

i found myself in this goddamned place

stuck halfway in between


so i drove beside the railroad tracks

i was making big decisions

one hand held my scalpel

and the other sewed incisions

so i drove a little further

'til i ran into the future

i spit into the wind

and i ripped out all my sutures.


now a tangled, tainted mess

i had to change my shirt

i searched for my designer,

but the devil found me first

i walked into a thrift store,

but they wouldn't give me service

they said half naked bleeding men

just tend to make 'em nervous


so i asked "what about jesus?"

they still pointed towards the door

i guess godliness meant cleanliness

and they had to mop the floor

so i found a pavement preacher,

and i knelt in his confessor

my skeleton's out the closet, now

his guts rot in my dresser


i swerved between the raindrops

they wouldn't stop they just kept comin'

but it was just a pitter patter

like god shaking out his johnson

and i wished that it would pour

so i could feel a little cleaner

and the clouds would part, 

and my moon would show

it had been a while

since i had seen her


and we'd dance until she left me

then the sun would show its face

and i would run for cover

for fear that i'd disintegrate

and i'll dive into a diner

maybe you could meet me there for coffee

we'll end up back at my place

down in the cemetary


and we could bury

our sorrows there

between the death and decay

it only takes one drop of blood

to make tomorrow go away

but you'll be coming back

at least that's what they say

'cause yer nightmares will wait for you

back on desperation alley



i left my aspirations

on i know better hill

where crotchety old farmers

shoot trespassers at will

and this crooked old creek

can't wash the blood off my hands

i speak only to fish

and still insist

no one understands


sad and pissed i sing

the ballad of a broken young man


alright it ain't so much a ballad

tear this heart off my sleeve

i know i'm wearin' long ones 

and it's a hundred degrees

it's a break-yer-neck boogie

like ya wouldn't believe

i wanna dance with you, baby,

but you know that i'm fresh

outta speed


strung out again i sing

the ballad of a broken young man


my fingers like to fidget

and my mind likes to race

and maybe that's the reason

i can't stay in one place

and my lovers always leave me

or i throw it away,

i can't stand stability

it just ain't the way 

that i'm made


lost and alone i sing

the ballad of a broken young man


and now i'm ninety cents short

of a one dollar fare

to catch the next bus,

and get the hell out of here

to get away from myself

away from this wreckage i've made

i'll find my place in the sun,

but for now i gotta 

rest in the shade


sick and tired i sing

the ballad of a broken young man





well, come join me here

for a sailor's song

and if yer heart's feeling heavy

pour the bevvy on

just one little dose

and it's off to sea

for a trip to sort out

what's troublin' me


but i'll be careful 

not to get lost

in the tumblin' waves

of the bad times

or the heartache tides

will pull me away

and leave me broken,

out of my head...


that's when i'm 

better off dead

and when my time comes

throw my ashes

right into the wind


and be wary of the straits

of hypocrisy

they'll try to make you submit

until you believe

i'll chart my own course

of reality

this big, bad, old world ain't gonna

get to me


and i'll hang on the heels

of the setting sun

and i'll be right there with it

wihen the morning comes

i hope not empty,


or out of my head


that's when i'm 

better off dead

and when my time comes

throw my ashes

right into the wind


so come join me here

for a sailor's song

and if yer heart's 

still feelin' heavy

pour more bevvy on

one little dose

and it's off to sea

i'll trip right off this land

that's troublin' me





i wonder if i wander and keep wondering

where will i get

can i get, can i get, can i get

any higher than this

i've been a-roving and a-roaming on a wish

'til i wish and i wish

that lady death will wrap me up tight, 

up tight

tight in her kiss


'cause i'm burnin' out fast

like an unfiltered cigarette

so stomp me in the ground into pieces

and lay me to rest


cut me into pieces


'cause in pieces i will be just fine

cut me into pieces

'cause in pieces i'll find peace of mind

cut me into pieces, when i find peace

lay me to rest


i've been all over, all over,

is it all over yet?

i guess that first i gotta learn, 

first i gotta learn to see past my lips

see, i've been roving and-a-roaming on a wish

that i'll never get

'til i wish lady death will wrap me up tight,

up tight in her kiss


'cause every time i walk a straighter line

it's only in jest

so i'll cut myself to pieces right here

'cause i'm full of shit

NEW THREADS (for old bones)


i kill my nights

poisoning what's

ailing me

and i take flight

with the nightingales

through my

buckshot dreams

i dance the dance

of beggars

and of thieves

but that moon

never says goodbye

when she leaves


i need some

new threads

for these

old bones

and a new hat

to hold my head

spinnin' like a


and a map

to point me

in direction of home

or at least

a traveler's guide

for being alone.


this old sewing kit,

it just ain't cuttin' it,

my needles are all dull

and flat

first my fabric started freyin'

now my seems are separatin'

and there ain't much to do

about that

so, could you

please fix me up, doctor?

before my head falls off my shoulders

and my brains spill out


because i know you made a monster

i can see him in the mirror

and he's fallin' apart

real fast


tonight i wanna raise some hell

and raise the dead

and these old bones

need some new threads

so, i sought a professional

to do the impossible

catastrophe quick fix

with morphine drip 

and phentanol


stitch me up

and send me out


what have i become?

with these looted limbs

and this borrowed blood

i used to be a human being

before they tried

to make me sane

and what will save my soul?

i'd like to untwist my tongue,

but don't unbreak my nose,

and just leave me alone,

i'll do it myself

i'll stitch some

new threads

for these old bones





careless thrills

on a neon night

give me a bottle of pills

and a switchblade knife

nostalgia kills

and my head ain't right

it makes for chills

and a makeshift life


but woo-woo-woo

i love those ambulance rides

i never see 'em comin'

i just end up inside

they get me downtown

in the blink of an eye

so i can carry right on

with my

makeshift life


now we ain't got no money

we ain't got no cash

just got these old guitars

and a broke cadillac

i'd like to come see you

but i can afford the gas

you know the cost of livin'

is kickin' my ass


and if i can't buy arson

and i can't buy fuel

if i can't burn it down or leave it

i don't know what to do,

we'll just keep buskin' on the corner

tryin' to get some more loot

to roll on down the road

with our makeshift life blues


you see, we get a little restless

with these songs in our hearts

we gotta sing and dance

to keep from fallin' apart

we're gonna keep on playin'

'til these strings give us scars

so come on get down with the

makeshift life stomp

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