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Well, lordy, lordy, 

I miss New Orleans,

Been aching body and soul to get 

Back there again,

To be walking with my baby

So long and tall

With that voudou that she do

To help me along.


I got an itch down the center

Of the middle of my back

I need a Frenchmen St. quartet

To give it a scratch,

I got the devil inside me,

Needs to be exoercised


And Otherwise.


Come on, 

Let's get the hell outta here,

We'll meander on the moonbeams

'Til we disappear

I never been in trouble

I couldn't get out of,

So just pack up yer shit, 

And jump in the shower


'Cause the road we'll be takin'

Is lonely and long,

But the dust we'll be shakin'

We can call our own.

Ya gotta get filthy 

To really feel clean,

Just like you can't sing the blues

'Til you know what they mean.


So as the brainwash box

Was spittin' news of the nation

We were standin' in the kitchen

All talking 'bout Satan

With a little bit of sugar

A cherry pie

You can't see us laughin' 

With that wool on yer eyes,


Screamin' and schemin' 

About how to move mountains,

Like tryin' to get rich

Throwin' coins in a fountain,

Well, there ain't nothin' changin'

Except for the weather,

So we'll be having a ball

While you get it together.





My wrists got slit

On hour glass

Each piece of sand

Diseased the gash


And I became

More insane

With every grain...


Heard "Talk was cheap!"

So "Get to work!"

"You'll find yer wage!"

"Beneath the dirt!"


"So you better dig, boy,

you better dig...

For all yer worth!"


"We surely hope 

Your dreams never meant too much to you, 

Seems they just get in the way

Of providing the means

For the mediocre path

You'll pave!"


Come on! Get ready to go!

Yer gonna be late!

Why you movin' so slow?

Like yer carryin' weights?

Learn if you don't know

How to hurry up and wait,

And don't hesitate

To do the Walking Dead Man's Stomp,

It's really all the rage,

No matter what yer age,

The Walking Dead Man's Stomp

Is really all the RAGE!


There's many ways

To race a rat

To watch it run

Or get it fat


Or build a maze

Inside its cage

'Twixt this and that.


Or build a maze

Inside its cage

And watch it struggle

To find its way

Laugh while it struggles

To find its way

'Cause it's still trapped.


My furry friends,

I knew that I could smell ya,

But that's not all

That's giving you away.

In fact, 

The wretched writing

Is written all the way






But if we could take a step out and look inward

I'm sure we could see 

How simple and easy 

The way out would be...


Instead we're just hitting the walls

Despite how we yearn

But I swear there's more to living and dying

Than waiting our turn.





Through a dirty old window

I watch the night move

Naked trees paint grey clouds

Right over the moon


Their leaves lay piled gently

I lay piled too soon...


Through a dirty old window

Licking dirty old wounds.


Through a dirty old window

I watch the night die

The cars kill their engines

The bars kill their flies


Our coats hang in the corner,

The hope hangs from our eyes...


In our dirty old windows

In this dirty old dive.


In our dirty old windows

Telling dirty old lies...


Like the one about the girl who got away,

The one who ran off with all that money I made,

Or the one I like to tell about how I'm leaving town today,

While I'm making up the reason that made me have to stay,

And I'm lying up the promise 

I tell you I gotta break

To someone I know

Don't exist anyway...


So please BARTENDER! 

There's some kinda mistake!?

I believe that 

This tab has been paid.


I grab my hat from the rack

Stab myself in the back

To the night that forgives what days won't.


These chains I've wrapped 'round my legs,

I haven't fed me for days

And I stumble to the hole 

I call home


But I KNOW that there's more

Than rats waiting for 


Behind that door...


There's a beast in the corner

He's flipping a quarter

To decide how

To torture me more.


Through a dirty old window

My madness grows

It swells in my head

It sits in my toes


Death hangs on the shingles

To slip me a black rose...


Through my dirty old window

Save my dirty old soul.





If a man should fall, and there's no one to care... Will it make a sound when he breaks?


One foul fall evening

I set out for Hell

But dead leaves and moonbeams

Both carried me well.


There was nothing and no one

To guide me along

And nothing in my heart 

Except anger and song


So I sung them and sung them

At the top of my lungs

And sailed every sewer

On past sundays' palms


Singing la, la, la, la , la,

You've got it all wrong,

La, la, la, la, la, la, la...


But I was the wrong one 

Who fancied construction

Of those types of crosses

For self crucifuxion


A naive idealist

Who dreamt too damn big

And turned up sadistic

To dig my own grave


It was there I saw clearly

In the cemetery

It's funny how dyin' can bring a man

Back to Life


My undead companions grabbed me 

By my hands

They took up my bones

And they taught them to



If I learned one thing from the graveyard


Those corpses really showed me


If you don't wanna dance

You can ROT AT HOME!

But if I'm gonna end up there,




Don't break that branch

You'll give us up

I hear they're making laws

Against having fun


What will they do?

What will they say?

What will they do

If they see you ROCK N ROLL


This way


This way


This way, right this way

Buy yer ticket

To yer cage

Get a ferris wheel life

Round and round






You know they'll sell you anything


They're selling terrorism

With the televisions

They've got a deal on

Aisle 2


Across from democracy

Next to hypocrisy

Next to the shirts with

Jeweled tattoos.


Would you give it all away?

I'd give it all away.

For a little piece of truth.


Would you give it all away?

I'll give it all away,

And I'll tell you what I'll do.


I'll play this dirty little ditty

In a dirty little city

From a 



lovesick boy.

And if yer feelin' able

We'll go dancin' on the tables

And sing 'til we lose our voice.


Crimson skies cut away

To black

The search helicopters

Are circling back


You can watch yer tax dollars

Watch every move

Do you feel a little dirty?

With their dirty little eyes on you?


On you, it's on you to protect 

What's left to lose

If yer freedom ain't free,

At least

Yer soul

Belongs to you.


So, here's a dirty little ditty

From a dirty little city

And a 



lovesick boy.

And if yer feelin' able

We'll go dancin' on the tables

And sing 'til we lose our voice.





tired heart strings

plucked and broke

made of ashes

turn to Smoke






i choke, or it's something in the air

that hangs like abandoned shingles

feeds my diligent despair

and reality crinkles

and mischief markets its wares

the curtains courtsy their care

for the maze they've prepared

to leave me feeling Sinful.


See, I awoke in one hell of a perilous state...

Frightened and Dazed.


i'd been cast away

by my own vessel

left on treacerous lands

with no arms left to wrestle

and now they'll try me for war crimes

if they can get me arrested

but i'll run one more time and enter the pipeline

'cause i've gotta test 'em.


And I'll get over and under and out of the 



I still can escape.


but i must make haste cause my time is short i smash right through a mansion door

and waiting on the other side is desolation and demise

and all the worst parts of town arrive stick like needles in my eyes

psychotic synapses all lacking perfection i love it the wrong way so



i step,, stumble, step to the carnival

been on the nod since i got on this road

go see the lady who's ten million dollars old

my fortune

the fun house

i lose control


All shot up with star dust on a midsummer's night.


Nowhere left to hide

I hang with the shadows


we conspire


and now you call me a freak

'cause i ain't in this sideshow

and we all like to stare

at the things that we can't kno

and this whole joint is a 




i get so filled with anger i just turn it inwards i make my own handcuffs





All the lovely young ladies and handsome young men

Are out doing all that they're told that they can

But if you listen quite closely to their secret admissions

They'd say they'd do more if they'd been given permission


Through a young child's eyes, though he lacks comprehension

He sees man took a paradise, and he built up a prison

In confusion and doubt his trembling voice it cries out

They said they'd listen, they just stare far away


nothing left but smithereens


We've furthered technology, but where's our advances?

With each bloody sunrise I see the same all wrong dances

And I choke on yer fumes as you hustle

and bustle away


As we sail out on this sinking ship

Ya know it feels like blasphemy

To act like what I wanna get

Is peace or love or harmony


'Cause all I'd like to really see

Is this whole damned place blown to 



Now the haggard old women and broken old men

Wish they'd done so much more 'cause now they sure can't

And they'll tell you there ain't too much left in the end

Except for all them fine strangers, yer loved ones, and friends

All the same


Behind these empty eyes, there's enough love to fill the ocean

But we parched paradise, so it's back to my potions

And I'm wishing right now the next tide that rolls out 

Takes me away.


'Cause the blood has been run and the flags have been hung

Tell me, what did it get?

We'll have to run the course of history to see there's no victory

So how much more could be left?

And what's next?







It seems as though I've gone and lost my head again

My poison heart is pumping out its arsenic

I think I feel an itch inside my fingertips

They're loosening the laces on this lunatic


But, pardon me, I do digress

These are confessions of a masochist


So say goodbye to lovers' lane

It's bulldozed now and what remains

Is only paved upon in vain.

So, so long idealism

They're building condominiums

Over top of all the stuff our dreams were made of.


What's the point of all these pointless politics?

If all that we debate is who's less full of shit?

The tv's killing off the really real realists

I don't think that one forefather would stand for this


But who's to say, they're in their graves

Won't someone help me on my way....


Some might say that I'm a bit too cynical

But I'm just trying to be somewhat practical

It's turned into something quite diabolical

But is it so wrong to wish something would kill us all?


Oh, pardon me, I do digress...

These are confessiosns of a masochist...




Smoke rings, smoke rings

dance the ceiling

someone's been stealing

all of my sleep


Mama's got a busted nose

I'm wearing her panty hose

These bloodstains and burnholes

started beween the sheets


what goes on here

it must stay here



speak no secrets

keep yer lip zipped

no one will notice

we're all out of our minds


Hit my knees begin to Scream

NECK Bulged like a banyan tree

things i thought i'd never seen

come into view


"what went wrong, son?

is it something we've done?"

there's bloodstains and burnholes

all over you


hazy, it's hazy, 

i must be crazy





I feel rather violent

lucky for you, i'm the introvert type


I feel alive

I've got red tears in my eyes


Hey, hey


I see the wolf before he bites

He hides in the basement,

But comes up when he wants to fight


Crash, crumble, and


I love 'em all

My little brown friends look like they're running straight out the walls and into the


that's where i stare, it helps me sleep

and when they're done, 

they'll be the ones 

who slay 

the beast


yes, when they're done.

they'll be the ones


come out of the shadows with their ancient arrows

twisting out tragic mumbling magic


Tonight I'm undone

humming sad songs

Someone Someone

pull me out of this heap


scars, sores, and sickness

each one priceless

these bloodstains and burnholes

didn't come cheap


they never came cheap these bloodstains and burnholes

they never came cheap and they never came slow






spare a dollar?

Could you spare a dollar? 


sir? i don't mean to be rude, 

but i noticed yer suit

fancy and new

and i'll bet you're a beggar, too.


The hope tank is running dry

we've spilled more than we've filled


It's like we're hiding in a hole at the bottom of a wishing well...


well, well, well...

you look like you've got a dollar, you should give it to me

could you spare 

Yer Dollar

Please Sir can't you see we're the same?

We've all got bones

We've all got brains

                       underneath this masquerade.


The hope tank is running dry

we've spilled more than we've filled


It's like we're hiding in a hole at the bottom of a wishing well...

We're all picking up the pennies as far as anyone can tell


So I wonder what we're saving 'em for

Can anybody tell me what the hell we're saving 'em for?

Cause we can't take 'em with us where we're going my friend,

But we'll steal 'em from each other 'til we get to the end

You can't take 'em with you when you go so what

so what


so what


we all live

we all die

we all rot

we rot so what we rot so what we rot so what we rot so what so what we rot so what we rot

so what we rot so what we rot so what we rot we rot so what we rot so what we rot so what

we rot...

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