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a blessing


once upon a


a wandering


I came upon the crooked


the crooked creek


the crooked creek


secrets no one could keep


down past the willow

beneath the stars

I could be discreet

down past the willow

underneath the stars

i'd stop staring at my feet


i'm gonna follow the creek

to the edge of the river

i'm gonna follow the river

to the mouth of the sea


i'm gonna get, i'm gonna get,






i'm gonna get, i'm gonna get,


a blessing over



'cause we're all cursed.

figure i'd get a head start.

we're all cursed...

our heads just poison our hearts.

we get greedy.

we get violent.

just plain wretched.


we're all cursed.

I'm gonna follow the creek to the river to the sea and i'm gonna get a blessing over



Dis man tle It.


Have you heard from the american dream?

... and how's he feeling?

He really ain't been making the scene.

I started stealing

memories outta the eyes of anyone with some light left...

-hey, can I borrow that?

See i've been trying to get

excited 'bout something, but nothing's really jumping these days.

It don't feel cool to be anywhere anymore 'cause it's all the same.


And i've been looking all over for my own generation and just when I thought it didn't exist

we ran into each other thrift picking through the old alphabet.

I know these second hand letters can seem so much better than anything we're coming up with.

Told me they ran out a few years ago, but promised me that probably...

somebody else was working on it.


Now i'm just stuck standing here

on the corner

of I don't know and who really cares?

I think i'm gonna

dance I gotta move I think I really gotta get me some action.

I'm rather fond of that.

I take what I can get

i'm damn hard to please but amused as easily as i'm bored.

Turns out that apathy is actually a luxury that I can't afford.


So I go looking all over for a little inspiration and just when I think i'm calling it quits

I see a dying man stand up to everything making him sit.

I guess sooner or later we're all gonna make the papers 'til the ink wells cease to drip.

Looks like the end is coming soon, so if you would, would you please riddle me this:

if we were strong enough to build it will we have the strength to


Guess in the meanwhile i'll get high and just smile:)

and watch it all turn to shit.


Make Like ELVIS


welcome to the story room

a falsity emporium

“what shall we tell the people today?”

we dispensed with auditoriums

just pipe it in the living room

isolate them in their fear and their hate


with a


Did you hear what he say?


Was it talking to me?


Well, I don't know what to believe

it's fucking with reality

how can I get any relief?

I don't expect to trust the government

but no one's looking confident

watch ignorance and misery breed


with a


did you hear what he said?




We oughtta make like ELVIS

shoot the tv set

be american heroes that nobody forgets

we can learn karate we can shake our hips

and take care of business 'til

we rock to death.


Checking In With Myself


Chipped brick walls

I swear i've been here before

just walked out a different door

around turned all i'm now


I dispel the hate

get my head and my bawons straight

find something to alleviate

the weight that's pulling me



Well maybe if I go

faster or get plastered or get a masters

i'll start connecting the dots

dot.... dot....

I can't even finish this thought


Who fixes rose colored glasses?

Things look like shit since I smashed 'em

besides they made me look handsome...


now all I know is that I know **

if you hear the RAMONES

and you happen chance to not see me dancing

then you really better leave me alone

or check my pulse I might not have lasted.

All I wanna do is ROCK-N-ROLL

someone keeps cutting the grit with plastic

it's getting harder to save my soul.

These times may call for measures more drastic.


Tired eyes

fight the close for the umpteenth mile

it didn't seem so far last time

I came down this road.


I know I paved it well,

and although well intentioned still goes

straight to hell

it's just pretend when I behave myself

so maybe that's why it shows.


Pretty, pretty please pardon me

I really must go

I start to atrophy

when I don't move


so long

it's been

so long again


please tell me how the hell are ya?

I see you got some more scars there

you really oughtta take care.

Do me a favor...



woe is me

was the look I gave

as the rear view mirror

turned my way


with you

I say

but you still won't get outta my face!


I know you still got yer issues

behind those tough looks and tattoos

so i'm just checking in with you

here's how we do it






it's been a hell of a haul.

it's alright

to become nothing at all.

My thoughts keep racing

trying to be ten

places at once

we keep racing trying to outrun the sun.

the rattlesnake is saving up her strength in the back seat

sister's mister and I both keep our eyes on the country

jimmy tore the road in two

green skies wrestled black clouds blue

a little speed and mush-a-rooms

what a view all just trying to get to you.



Meek vs. Roaches


I wasn't born

a natural soldier

was never good

at taking orders

but I was meant

to be a warrior

to fight

to survive

at least

'til I die

woops there goes

my sick sense of humor

gotta laugh

not to cry

are those tears?

In your eyes?

Wipe 'em.

What's a matter what's a matter



'cause we all can have a piece of the pie

just so long as

you're counting the crumbs

please remember

who's holding the knife

and be careful

not to get cut

for blessed are the meek

still probably the roaches

will clean up.


I wasn't born

a natural saint

I still tried hard

I still ain't

i'm just a good

old fashioned sinner

I still pray

I still seek

ask for strength

when i'm weak

just a good

and faithful sinner

so let's fuck

and get high

get some sweat

in our eyes.

Wipe 'em!

What's a matter, what's a matter



'cause we all can have

a piece of the pie

from the créme

on down to the


please remember

who's holding the knife

and be careful

not to get cut.

I know the angle

of the handle

will sometimes skew

the name

and even now

I see more clearly

it still slices all the same

though blessed are the meek

I think we both know the roaches

will get what




Lunacy Rag


200 miles to daybreak

I started feeling the earth shake

no more white lines

I slither away.

Ain't nothing good 'bout this morning.

Ain't no such thing as fair warning

to prepare me for this day.


Don't wanna lose it

I go for a walk.

Been wearing holes

in my purple socks.

They just put my best friend

in a box

I think i'm going crazy..


in fact the last time that I ran into my sanity

he was fighting for his life down on his hands

and knees

it wasn't the first case the cure

was worse than the disease.


I stay

'neath the light of the moon

as I often do

and started humming this tune

la la la la la la la lunacy

la la la la luna see





I've been howling day and night

i've found worse ways

to lose my mind

Please move the clouds

you hide behind

nothing kills like killing time

and I

wanna live more than survive

I don't wanna waste my time

trying to unweigh a worried mind

no no no no I

wanna live more than survive

so I ain't gonna pay no mind

just gonna lose my mind (it still crawls back sometimes)







I'm sorry to waste

some of your better days.

They said I couldn't be saved.

You still came anyway.

So I did the same

though it couldn't repay.

We shared so much more than our name.

This one's for the holes in our brains.


21st Century Tumbleweed


I found myself blowing around

through the shadows

by the sea

like a plastic bag in the breeze

some kinda 21st century tumbleweed.

Went 'round the corner

and up the street

through the alley

in between.

I was just picking up steam

when I was stopped

by the squawk

that spoke to me.


It said

“the work i'm doing

only costs three copper

so keep the change. I don't want nothing from no one

because I still get it all...

you know yer blessed

oh yes

always just falling short of

nothing left

always just stumbling into happiness

as fleeting as it may be.

You like yer vice you say

Remember sometimes there's a price to pay...


And i'll show you mine.

If you like losing control.

We'll have one hell of a time.”


I said I remember

when I was fifteen...

Jack said the open road

was calling my name.

Mama passed on her gypsy disease.

Now i'm a 21st century tumbleweed


we had a joke and a smoke and agreed

if a man's living he oughtta be free.

I said thank you but I never said please

just like a 21st century tumbleweed.


Press Repeat


the leaders still keep leading to war

it's still about the rich and the poor

greed is still the sickness

love is still the cure

I don't wanna press repeat anymore.


We'll fight fear

with faith

sweep hate

out the door

I don't wanna press repeat anymore.


over paranoid over privileged blues


There's something

in the air

There's something


but no one

else seems to care

i'm not

crazy I swear.

There's something

in the air

it's getting

in your hair

i'm not crazy!


who cares?

This time it's not the source of my despair.


It's the shortness of my sight

it's not telling wrong from right

it's the alabaster tiles

that hang up in the sky.


There's something

but no one knows

just where it comes from

or where it goes

there's something

to make your habit grow

there's something

to make yer gadget go

there's something

in the air

it's getting


I'm not crazy!

Maybe, who cares?

The choices are deranged or unaware.


So the former of the two

is the choice i'm forced

to choose

can't go back to ignorance

though I start to miss the bliss.



I'm really going crazy for this high definition

things are so much clearer while i'm making decisions

let me tell you all about last saturday night

I sat smoking chains watching moths hit the lights

am I getting old or is there nothing to do

or do I got the over paranoid over privileged blues


gimme yer distraction, baby, I don't care

we'll stick our heads in the sand and our hands in the air

I want a reaction not a vacant stare

yer first world problems ain't going nowhere.

If the food fueled this nation should reveal itself a poison

We'd probably still get fat and still feel important

so i'll tip my hat and sing songs of misfortune for the ones who can't

long live their voices


but you don't need no words

with a steady hand

in darkness or light

still the same man

take a polaroid picture

pack some paper towels

won't be here for long

passing through anyhow


I'm really going crazy for this high definition

things are so much clearer while i'm making decisions

let me tell you all about last saturday night

me and all the other moths were out hitting lights

am I getting old or am I boring too?

Or do I got the over paranoid over privileged blues?


Luv Hungry


I get so hungry

I get so hungry for love

I get so hungry all the time

I get so hungry

I get so hungry for love

Already got the next meal on my mind


I get so hungry

And it's never enough

No matter how often I dine.

I get so hungry

I get so hungry for love

I got an insatiable appetite.


I said I'm starving to feed

Think I mislearned how to eat

And now I'm oh so hungry

For Love

And I tend to believe

I'm not the






The branches

Have broken

our way...

So let's take 'em

We can set 'em


Oh go on

to keep warm

we must work

For a while

For the beds that we make never lie

I'll catch you on the Flipside.


Take cover

They're coming

in fast

Love each other

At least as long

As you last...

Be at ease

with the sleaze

And the shit

And the slime

We all soil the beds where we lie

I'll catch you on the Flipside.


But if these trees

would tell tales

of how others

have failed

Would I sit here,

and listen


And could I hear what they say?

Before I rushed on my way?

And believe 'em

without my own



And will I find out

On the Flipside?


Please, brother, tell me!

Were they ready?

With confetti?

And a parade?

Led by every

Dog and Caddy

You ever loved

And ever saved?


Oh go on!

You best get gone!

We know



Is too tough to die.

And I hope

this singing telegram's waiting for you


Catch You On The Flipside...


Go see Justina and Josephine

I'll bet her kitchen is sparkling clean

And you and her fella

Will have plenty of whiskey and smoke.

Now I can't pretend to know

How it all really goes

But I bet

It's one hell

Of a ride.


And you never

Liked saying goodbye...


Just I'll Catch You

On the





All words and music (c) and (P) Tony Bones 2014 (Vagabones Music ASCAP)

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