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Jake Bridgewater- Eukelele

Trevor Van Sleeper- upright bass

Antoine Dukes - drums, percussion, singing saw, and tongue fiddle

Viva Le Vox is an experimental punk rock roots band from Lake Worth, Florida. The influences are diverse, though the most 

predominant are early 20th century jazz, 1950s Rock-n-Roll, and 1970s punk rock. The music has been described as a mix between 

Gogol Bordello and Tom Waits, or Django Reinhardt meets The Clash- either way a gypsy jazz punk rock-n-roll stew no matter which 

part of the last century you're familiar with.


After spending the better part of his early twenties in and out of psychiatric units and rehabs, singer/songwriter/guitarist Tony Bones

found himself somewhere in Delray Beach, Florida, and began to play his songs solo. He soon found a band grew up around him, 

and the outfit started gaining interest from their now infamous shows at their local 24-hour laundromat, and their guerilla infiltration of

open mic nights. Since then, with the tremendous help and support of friends and fans, past and present members, and a whole lotta 

elbow grease, Viva Le Vox has been able to tour extensively, and independently release 3 albums to date: Desperation Alley (2009), 

Wayward Ones (2010), and Dirt For Sale (2012). 



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