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Strange times these days. All our Luv to everyone out there. We're alive and kicking, safe and sanitized... Desperation Alley turned ten so we mastered it. Now streamable everywhere or pay what you want to download it from Bandcamp. We truly can't thank you enough for helping us to sing our weird songs for this long.  Our newest recorded music has been stuck in quarantine like the rest of us, but will be out in 2021. Even newer tunes bubbling outta this old brain presently. Absolutely cannot wait to play live shows again where we can sweat and slobber freely with real flesh and bone. See you on the other side.



I know, I know... where the hell is this Skivvy Starzo guy anyway, right? Earth got a little too outta this world for him so he went to shine his zozo for a while... he'll be back real soon with those first three episodes he was spouting off about. In the meantime,  the very first official VLV music video is here! 

Loomin' blues

Recorded (mostly) live in a basement just a day or two ago! Special thanks to Taylor Bays for helping with the cameras!! More fun coming soon... til then be safe and luv each other... TB


Sk1vVy STARZO has arrived!! This video shows the only known info about the being so far... Subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up on the latest discoveries... and check out the first review at!!

...IN more earthly related news... Thanks so much to everyone who came out and helped put on the shows this last tour! We had a blast and are making plans for more travel soon... New shows up now for October! And another huge thanks to those who bore witness to the spectacle that was our CD release parties!! Skivvy brought a very limited number of physical copies from his spaceship to minimize his earthly footprint, but we've still got a few copies left that will be available in the store for $5! Otherwise the music will be up here for free, and seeing as every song is an episode anyway... The whole thing will up be up on YouTube soon-ish! iTunes, Spotify, etc. should also have it in the next week or two!



HOLY SKEMOLEY!!! We got some brand new music recorded just in time to hit the road! Tour starts this Thursday, September 8th!! More details on the new release coming very soon.


Viva Le Vox is getting ready to hit the road... and the studio!!! More details on all that coming very soon! First dates are up and more are on the way for the east coast over thru Ohio and Michigan! Stay tuned!! In the meantime we've got a killer show coming up this week with our good friends

THE SAWYER FAMILY from Eugene, OR. Wednesday, Aug. 17th at Test Pattern in Winston-Salem, NC! See ya soon!!


HEAVY REBEL WEEKENDER 16 is coming up!! It's gonna be a hoot! We're playing at 7pm Saturday 7/2 on the Main Stage. For the full festival lineup click here. SO many good bands to catch, including our good friends and former Voxers in Everymen and Que Lastima!! We all play on Saturday. Johnny Tugboat is pulling double duty and starting off the weekend with his other band Transylvania Transport Co. at the HRW pre-party Thursday night! It's action packed all weekend!!

March 2016

****And Thanks another ton to all the folks that came out in FLoriDa!!! We had a blast. Check out the first bit of our set featuring special guest Paultergeist at Propaganda above thanks to Dave Good!!

Thanks a ton to everyone who came out and put on our NC shows earlier this month!!!

Also a very special thanks to everyone taking and posting pictures!! Got a few new juicy ones on the PHOTOS page by Jeff Howlett!!

We're keeping things rolling next week in dear old swampy FLoriDa... Check out the SHOWS for more details or click on one of these links to the FB events:

Wed. March 23rd @ Propaganda in Lake Worth:

Fri. March 25th @ Rackem Billiards in Cape Coral!! :

And in our usual "by the skin of our teeth" fashion we'll have these new shirts just in the nick of time!!


New Shows added For March! More on the way!


May Their Bodies Rest In Peace...

Long Live Their Voices!!


Very happy to announce that Johnny Tugboat from Winston-Salem, NC will be joining V.L.V. full time behind the drums!!! Getting ready to hit the road and much more later in 2016!! Floridians can catch the full line-up at Kreepy Tiki Bar & Lounge in Ft. Lauderdale on New Years Eve!! We'll be ringing it in with Octo Gato and Dark Water Rebellion!

And here's a video from our Halloween performance in Florida!


Tony, Scarecrow, and Johnny are playing at The Mill in North Charleston, SC Saturday November 14th at 11pm as part of the 3rd Annual Rockabillaque Festival!! 


Happy Halloween!! We're keeping it weird with two different lineups and four shows this month! We'll be playing a bunch off the newest record LUV Hungry (now available in ALL formats!!) plus some old favorites. This is just the start of some new old things taking shape, so stay tuned for lots more in the near future! If we're near yer end of the map we hope to see you! 


MAY / JUNE 2015

Cat's outta the bag! This fall some of the original VLV members will be reuniting for a few very special shows! Scarecrow Jenkins (upright bass), and a couple surprise drummers will be joining Tony to keep this train rolling along and our very good friend Paultergeist will be literally lending his giant hands on some special guest appearances whenever he's not kicking ass in his own awesome band QUE LASTIMA! And very special thanks to Stephanie Colaianni for joining us at our first rehearsals and taking photos til the camera died!


On Tour NOW in Europe! Luv Hungry vinyl is almost ready! Pre-Order is up!


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks to all the friends, fiends, and fans that made 2014 super cool. V.L.V. is hibernating a bit for these winter months, for there is much to do in the cave. We have plans to be back on the road after things thaw out including Muddy Roots Europe! More news on shows, kazoos, and Luv Hungry's official release on vinyl coming soon...


LUV HUNGRY Part II iS out this week!!! In celebration, both Parts I & 2 will be available to stream for free all month. Go to the "LUV" page under the media tab to check it out.
The music will not be available for digital download anywhere until we are able to make the vinyl.  Please visit our merch page if you would like to hold something real. Part I and Part II are both available on 500 limited edition CDs. We're using the money from the CDs to press what will be the first Viva Le Vox full length on vinyl! Happy listening and thanks for your support! 


LUV HUNGRY Part 1 iS HERE!!! The pre-orders have gone out and we'll have them at the shows for the rest of this tour! Check out the "LUV" page under the media tab for artwork, music, and lyrics. You can order your copy from the merch page. These CDs are limited to 500 copies. We're using the money from the CDs to press what will be the first Viva Le Vox full length on vinyl! Thanks for your support! ...And stay tuned for PART 2!
We're on the road now for another couple of weeks, and just added a few more dates in November!

September 2014


The new record is almost ready for release! Pre-orders will ship the day I have 'em! In the meantime I'll be putting up a new song to stream every week!
And here's the first review!



Hey! HEY! We're on the road. Check out our dates in the SHOWS section. More on the way soon! Also the pre-order for Luv Hungry [part 1] is up on the merch page

JULY 2014

The new VIVA LE VOX record is DONE!! It's called LUV HUNGRY. It was written over the last three years as one continuous piece of music divided into sixteen separate songs, and will be released in two parts this fall on limited edition CDs followed by a vinyl release with the whole shebang on it in the winter. All the releases will feature art work by our friend MATTY GOLDSTEIN who did our Dirt For Sale cover and liner art. 
It was recorded, mixed, and mastered at HaloHorn Studios in Traverse City, Mi with Andy Van Guilder... who some of you may know as Rachel Brooke's drummer and/or brother! Special thanks to Rachel and Brooks Robbins and Andy for always making us feel at home up there. Rachel and Brooks also contributed special vocal performances for the album. I'll be putting bits and pieces of the record up on the website between now and the release, while we put everything together, but if you want first looks or exclusive goodies please join the mailing list. Mailing list subscribers get all the cool stuff... they even saw the vinyl cover already... You can sign up right here:

BUT WAIT! That's not all. There's still even more news... while I was up in Michigan I also got to record some guitar tracks for Rachel and Brooks' project called Modern Mal! They have some beautiful songs they are getting ready to release. Follow the link to their facebook page or to Rachel's site to keep up on that!

And to keep with the theme of new records... Viva Le Vox's long lost brother Paultergeist just launched his kickstarter to put out his new music. It's awesome! I heard it... and even got to play and sing on a couple songs. His new band is called Que Lastima and you can get to their kickstarter by clicking here.

 V.L.V. gets back on the road in August. All the dates are up in our SHOWS section. We'll be ending that run at Muddy Roots Music Festival in Cookeville, TN! It's a hell of a festival, if you don't know that already. They have their full schedule and line up posted here. Hope to see you there or somewhere in between!



June 2014

V.L.V. is back on the road in August! New dates added in the SHOWS section with a few more on the way. 
Tony will be playing guitar with Rachel Brooke for a string of shows this month. Be sure to check her website for all the details:
And last, but certainly not least, V.L.V. will be heading into the studio at the end of the month to start (and hopefully finish) recording our new record! More details on that in the next report!

May 2014

We've got a mailing list! For real this time, I swear. I know we've tried this a few different times, but forget about those. THIS is Now! And there's a handy web app thingy to keep track of all the email addresses so we don't have to... which means you will receive the latest news and updates about Viva Le Vox as soon as there are news or updates to report.  Sign up in the box below or any other time after this disappears in the CONTACT section. 


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